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MENtal Ride: Project Film

MENtal Ride Project Film By Bong

I always thought the script writing is as easy as telling a story to a friend or a colleague but I was wrong. IT'S VERY HARD! And for that I commend all the script writers in the world who literally spends thousands of coffee cups, endless smoking of cigarettes, and very tight deadlines.

This is my first indie-low-budget-to-no-budget-film. I am trying my very best to come up with a production team for this and three main characters that would definitely fit the ones who are in the story. Good thing my networked helped me find the right people and it's all PROBONO! Thank you so much for that guys, hehe.

MENtal Ride is about three guys who were friends since their highschool days. Though they have different ways of seeing things, they get along just fine. In this film they are going to talk about how men lies all the time and how they see love in the eyes of the faithful, the playful, and the doubtful.

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